Oxford Brookes Univerity

Musicians Institute

I didn’ t arrive in fashion design by having formal design training or a degree like my father.

My experience in fashion comes from an indirect route. Growing up in a household where both my parents are fashion designers made it impossible to ignore the industry.

After attending music school in Hollywood, a liberal art school in Oxford and releasing an EP entitled ‘Feel the Knife’, I started working as a fit specialist for brands such as Stussy, Undefeated, Dakine, X-Large, Poler Stuff and LRG. Fitting for those brands, especially Stussy, gave me insight and knowledge into the design process. From there I was given the opportunity to start doing assistant design work. Helping with tech packs to CADS. 


After years of doing apparel design, I developed relationships in Japan and have since partnered up and co-founded a brand as creative director, based out of Tokyo, Japan. This experience has led me to other opportunities to consult and design. No matter the scale or scope of the project, I find joy in the creative process. 

I'd say my biggest strength is my attention to detail and aesthetic sensibility.




Urban Outfitters

Extra Butter NYC